Amenities Offline Map Apps

AmeniMaps brings you a collection of Android Maps for various cities and other interesting places in the world. With the App you will be able to use the free offline map of the place and quickly locate essential amenities like public toilets, bank machines, subway entrances, benches, water fountains and many others with ease (data from

Locate amenities without swiping or searching
With standard mapping Apps, amenities are not usually shown, not searchable, or visible only when you zoom in. So, you end up swiping left and right or up and down randomly, attempting to find the nearest public toilets for example. With this App all amenities are clearly marked and visible at all zoom levels.

Find available amenities before you go
Not in in that city yet? The App automatically switches to simulation mode. 'Fly' to any place on the map like Superman and discover the available amenities before you go there!

Use the map and keep your privacy
This App does not require any internet connection so you don't need 3G or Wi-Fi to use the offline map. And more importantly your location is not tracked and stored on some company's computer.